Is Tiktok the Future of Property Marketing?

It blew up in the height of lockdown, with people finding themselves with more time than ever to create content ranging from intricate dance routines to bringing family recipes to life. It facilitated the great sourdough rising of 2020 and became the platform we didn’t know we needed as we craved social media more than ever. Of course, I am talking about Tiktok.

Whilst many believe this platform is reserved for the ‘younger generation’, it is quickly finding its place in the mainstream media landscape. So much so that it is even being used to sell property.

Collings Real Estate in Melbourne recently ran a campaign for an apartment in Prahran leaning heavily on a video created for Tiktok. The apartment was aimed at a younger demographic, so the platform was the perfect place to tap into this market, and with the video itself leveraging a famous Tiktok trend (the Fleetwood Mac ‘Dreams Challenge’), it resonated with the audience.

CEO of Bespoke Media Group, Nic Fren, applauded the video, claiming “It has all the elements of showcasing the property, while keeping up with the latest trends within that world. The riding of the skateboard while listening to Fleetwood Mac’s Dreams and drinking juice is a viral trend, and clearly the algorithms picked up on it.”[1] The video was so successful, the agent was able to secure a price over $100,000 more than the price guide.

Social media has long been incorporated in property marketing campaigns, but we need to recognise that this channel is always evolving and just because one platform was once popular, this may not necessarily endure. This is particularly true of Facebook, which is seeing reduced uptake by younger audiences. The most prolific age group on the platform is 25-34 years[2], the ‘millennial’ generation, who were teens when the platform was introduced. We can expect these trends to shift to higher age groups as this original, loyal group continues to use their trusted platform, with emerging social media users looking to lean on new platforms.

Although 25-34 is a target demographic for many property sales right now, it is important to recognise that we need to look for these people in new places, and not to forget that many first home buyers may not belong to this category. What’s more, 20% of Tiktok’s active users belong to the 30-49 age group[3].

The social media landscape is always evolving, and it is important when we are proposing marketing packages for our clients that we pay careful consideration to who the potential buyers of each property are, and target our advertising in the places these groups spend their time online.